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14/07/2013 - Wiring Ammeter to Show Ignition Current

Fonte: www.pikespeakmodelaclub.com

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In November 1929, Ford changed the ignition wiring so the current flowing through the coil was shown on the ammeter.

This allows you to use the ammeter as a troubleshooting tool, if the car won't start.  

The change involves just one wire.  Simply move the black wire from one terminal post to the other.  

That's it!  If the primary ignition circuit is good, you will see the ammeter flutter.  

But if there's a problem in the coil, points, or wiring that connects them, the ammeter won't move.  

So, a fluttering ammeter tells you that your primary ignition circuit is good.  

That's handy!  Watch the video to see how to make the wiring change.

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