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14/07/2013 - Rear Main bearing oil leak
How to diagnose and repair a Model A rear main oil leak.

14/07/2013 - Worn Distributor Bushings
Worn Model A distributor bushings cause the distributor cam to wobble erratically and make the breaker points open and close earlier and later than they are supposed to.

14/07/2013 - Wiring Ammeter to Show Ignition Current
In November 1929, Ford changed the ignition wiring so the current flowing through the coil was shown on the ammeter.

13/07/2013 - Diagnosing Backfire and Stalling
Here's how one case of backfiring and stalling was solved: Clean jets and a properly adjusted float make all the difference.

13/07/2013 - Changing Model A Points
Changing Model A Points can be a pain because you often end up retiming the engine.

13/07/2013 - Reduce Steering Slop (Scroll down and click the start button on the video)
You can reduce the play in your steering wheel by tightening the pitman arm bolt and adjusting the end-play of the sector shaft.

13/07/2013 - Pikes Peak Model A Club: Radiator Flush
Use distilled white vinegar for a cheap and effective radiator flush.

13/07/2013 - Pikes Peak Model A Club: Metal Valve Stems
How to convert Model A Ford rubber valve stems to metal.

11/07/2013 - Pikes Peak Model A Club: Lubricating a Model A Ford
How to lubricate your Model A Ford. There are 33 - 35 grease zerks on your Model A Ford.

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